Payroll Services

Payroll Administration

Our payroll administration saves time and money, we take over the running of your payroll and ensure comprehensive record-keeping and data management for the business. 

HRPT administrates the following:

HRPT’s payroll system offers:

Other Payroll Services

We use specialist software packages to deliver customized payroll services solutions, scaled to meet the current and future needs of your business.

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We pride ourselves on offering cost-effective payroll and HR solutions, and on the enhanced levels of confidentiality, integrity and trust we bring to each project.

Turn Financial Year-End Challenges into Triumphs!

Are you struggling to:

  • Meet all the HR compliance requirements?
  • Completed your payroll tasks?
  • Reviewed your employees and ensured that their employee files are up to date?
  • Have you checked all our policies and procedures
  • Reviewed your employee benefits and pay rates
  • Aligned to minimum wage effective 1/3
  • Set up performance reviews?
  • Done your HR planning for the next year and set you development budget?

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