HR Compliance

This is the process of ensuring that your employment and work practices, policies, and procedures show an understanding of the regulatory environment including relevant laws and regulations.

Statutory and regulatory compliance

Annual returns need to be filed 30 business days after the anniversary date of its incorporation and an administrative fee is charged for maintaining the company’s registration with CIPC.

Contractual compliance

Contractual compliance relates to adherence to contractual agreements and includes contracts with service providers, employee contracts, non-disclosure agreements and non ….. Are your contracts up to date and easy to adhere to?


Where relevant it is important for business owners to be aware of union laws and their implications, quotas, and bargaining councils and to ensure open channels of communication.

HR Technology

It is important to ensure that your HR Technology complies with the relevant regulations such as POPIA. Is your customer information protected?

Internal Compliance

This relates to the enforcement of internal policies. Do employees have personal Wi-Fi passwords? Some industries require mandatory training. Do you meet these requirements?


New regulations have come into play in the workplace. Are you familiar with the latest statutory and regulatory norms impacting behaviour in the workplace?

HRPT assists business owners to ensure that they are HR compliant. We keep you up to date with the latest regulatory changes and how it impacts the management of employees and the business.

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