Why January is the Perfect Time to Start a Business

Thanks to New Year’s resolutions, January has always been a popular time to start a new business, but resolutions aren’t the only reason it’s a favoured time of the year for new endeavours. 

January offers a wealth of benefits that make it ideal as a founding month. Hopefully, the ones we point out here will inspire you to launch your own business in 2024.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.”

Whether starting a business is your New Year’s resolution or something you have been waiting to do for years, if you are thinking of launching it in January 2024, then you have already made a wise decision. January is a popular month to officially launch new businesses, not just for those inspired by a New Year’s Eve conversation, but for seasoned entrepreneurs. There are several reasons why January is so popular. Perhaps they will inspire you to make it your foundation month too?

You have the energy

Coming off a holiday and filled with the buzz of a new year is the perfect time to launch a business. New businesses require long hours and energy you may not have after a year in your corporate job, but that short break can do wonders for your energy and give you just the lift you need to get it all started.

January is a slow month

Following on from the Christmas spending boom and a lazy holiday it usually takes corporates a few weeks to get back to full speed. While this might sound terrible to someone eager to get going immediately with a new venture, it’s a big benefit. There are a lot of admin tasks that need to be done to launch a business, from registering with the CIPC to opening a bank account, drawing up business and financial plans and getting your logo designed, so having a quiet first month to get that out the way while you aren’t missing out on sales will help. 


According to TransformSA, January in South Africa is the month when the highest percentage of people quit their jobs. Following on from the holiday many unsatisfied, driven or unsettled people decide they can’t face another year of doing the same thing and leave looking for something else. As a start-up, this means that there are many more people on the job market looking for a new opportunity and you stand a greater chance of finding the right people for your enterprise. Given that you will be starting small, it is absolutely critical to get the first few hires right, and January’s talent pool will make that easier. 

Refreshed clients

Just like employees, potential clients are also arriving at work eager to do something new and exciting. It is extremely common for business leaders to use the chance of a quiet January to go over the past year’s figures and reevaluate client relationships and long-standing suppliers. This is the perfect time to walk into their offices with something fresh.

Lower advertising costs

Studies show that the fourth quarter of every year is by far the busiest when it comes to advertising, while quarter one, and particularly January can be a problem. If you are looking to do a significant amount of advertising, walking into a publisher to negotiate ad space in January is a power move that could see you net a reasonable discount if you play your cards right.

Align your year-end with financial year-end

The financial year in South Africa runs from March 1st to February 28th. Launching a business in January and issuing your first invoices in March could see you perfectly placed to have your year-end line up with the end of the financial year in South Africa helping you to keep things simpler and more manageable. 

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