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HR Services

People are at the heart of your business – which means that correctly managing the Human Resources function is vital to your continued success.

HRPT manages the lifecycle of each employee, beginning with recruitment, including salary payments and disciplinary hearings to terminations.

Effective HR management helps your employees feel valued and gives them a renewed sense of purpose by demonstrating that their role makes a real contribution to the growth of the business. Your human capital is your most valuable resource – but also a potentially volatile one. Expert HR function management raises employee morale and motivation and takes away the risk of labour disputes.


HR Services

Employment Contracts & HR Policies

Our service begins with a full HR audit (based on interviews and site visits) to understand your current state of compliance, and any non-compliance risk factors. This leads to a Gap Analysis report and suggested solutions to achieve 100% compliance and avoid penalties.

We can also review existing and proposed employment contracts to ensure that they meet all Labour Law and BCEA requirements – as well as being aligned to your business needs.


Disciplinary Procedures

Even in the best-run businesses, problems can arise. Understanding and containment are vital to prevent the spread of discontent, and disruption to your operations. Managing employee grievances and helping people feel that their opinions count can help deescalate and defuse situations.

Should a disciplinary hearing prove necessary, we can provide an impartial chairing service to enhance credibility and assure both sides that they will be treated fairly.

In the event of a labour dispute, we can assist with preparations for CCMA proceedings, removing a major cause of distraction from your main focus.


HR Services