Is Employment Equity Stressing you out?

Companies are often unsure of what is expected and for this reason tend to ignore the Employment Equity requirements. This could be to their detriment as the Department of Labour conducts annual audits and companies who fail to comply may face fines of a minimum of R1.5 million.

The deadline for the submission of Employment Equity is 15th January 2024.

Who needs to comply and what is a designated employer?

Employers employing more than 50 employees are seen as designated employers and must comply.

What is you Employment Equity responsibility?

Employment Equity promotes the constitutional right to equality and eliminate unfair discrimination in employment practises.

Equity planning, what is required?

To comply with the provisions of Employment Equity you need to:


Conduct an analysis of your workforce as well as employment policies, procedures, and practices to identify any barriers or discrimination that may affect the employment of designated groups (Black people, women, or people with disabilities).


Consult with their employees and/or their representatives (e.g., unions) on the outcome of the analysis.


Employers must also develop an employment equity plan that can be implemented and monitored. The equity plan must clearly set out the objectives, actions, targets, and time frames for achieving employment equity in their workplace.


Comply with the reporting requirements of Department of Labour regarding their progress on their plan; Report – number of employees – EEA 2, Income Differential Statement – the earning of the employees – EEA 4

HRPT’s employment
Equity Services

Assisting and advising you with the following:

Completing and/or reviewing the Employment Equity Plan to ensure alignment with previous reports and continuity in the business.

Compiling the annual analysis, the Employment Equity Report, and Income Differential Statement

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