Our Mission:

To deliver innovative solutions in the management of human capital that provide for sustainable value and mutual trust, resulting in financial savings and value-added human resource planning.

Our Business:

HRPT was borne from an appreciation of the changing social and business climate, especially that of the South African SMME, that continually manages much of its resources under constraints from SARS and the Department of Labour.

We specialise in the advice, management and implementation of Payroll and Human Resource requirements of organisations, by delivering customised solutions based on industry knowledge and technological advancements.

Corporate Social Responsibility

HRPT acknowledges social responsibility as an important fragment of our company. We offer our skills and services to non-profit and charitable organisations, such as the Verulam Day Care Centre and the Verulam Frail Care Centre. We also make donations to the KZN Cerebral Palsy Organisation.

Benefits of Outsourcing to HRPT

• Due to the payroll being externally administered, there is no need to maintain a payroll   department. Hence, there are no employee recruitment and training costs and implications,   such as wage tampering.
• No expensive payroll software and licensing costs.
• The payroll is efficiently and professionally administered in line with current statutory   requirements.
• Ensures accuracy in payroll processing and timeous payment to staff.
• Confidentiality and integrity of the payroll is assured.
• Access to advice and support on payroll issues.
• The employer’s tax year-end procedures are correctly and timeously adhered to.
• The employees’ tax certificates are generated.
• The company is able to focus on its core, profit-generating activities.

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